Africa 2017

In August, I had the opportunity to join team Immerse The Nations on a missions trip to join Team Tanzania for a month. Our goal was to aid in any way we could while we were there. The following shows some of our accomplishments while there.

Mountain Compound

Team Tanzania was able to acquire acreage, which they are currently building on. They plan to turn this area into a training center and multi-home compound, which will house staff, host visitors, and be a base for multi-format outreach.

We were able to help with current projects on the compound. To learn more, visit Touching Nations Today website here.


Solar Panels

Grid power cannot reach the compound, that means that it needs to be entirely self-powered. While there, we helped with two solar projects.
One solar project was to build a frame and base for a solar grid. This grid was then connected to a well that was installed on the property. The compound is now able to acquire all of the water it needs using the power of the sun!

Truss Protection

One storage building is complete at the compound. We did learn that exposed wood is unsafe from pests and insects.
Another project we took on was to protect the trussing of this storage building. Used motor oil was the method we used to protect the wood over there. It took multiple days of painting on the oil while balancing on unstable ladders and beams.

Village Ministry

We took an overnight expedition into a village that Team Africa has built a relationship with over the years. We were privileged to do ministry and pray for people around the village.


Audio Bibles

We were able to bless the pastor and people of the village with audio bibles. They have solar panels built into the back of them, which allows them to be used way out in the middle of the bush!

The Road Back

Many hardships can happen from the littlest of things out there, when supplies and shops aren’t available. Car troubles with the antifreeze and oil happened while out there, and shops don’t exist that you can bring it to…

What should have taken 5 hours to get home at this point turned into 13 hours of slow towing.