Africa 2017

View the most recent trip to Tanzania, and learn all about what is
going on with Team Tanzania from the Touching Nations Today organization.

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Bridging the Gap

Sharing the world of missionaries lives, through the use of multimedia!


To share through a missionaries eyes. To see the life, culture, and God’s works that are taking place around them.


To offer skills that make sharing easier. Designs such as brochures, flyers, and websites.


To document and share testimonies. To visually experience what God is doing out in the field.

Meeting Needs

To support the missionaries there are some requirements that needs to be met. Not being properly prepared can interfere with the missionaries work and make it tougher for everyone.
  • Equipment

    Proper equipment is needed to be brought into the field. Sealed gear that can handle dust, rain, and wear and tear.

  • Production

    From videos & photos to brochures, websites, graphics, & social media. There are production costs for doing all of these for missionaries.

  • Travel

    When meeting missionaries where they are, out on the field, there are costs of travel, living accommodations, and food.