Photoshop Collage

This image was created as a sample piece to show my expertise in photo editing skills. This is a combination of multiple personal photos from trips that I have been on. You can find a part of each photo below inside of the collage.

Local Gym Ad

An ad for social media marketing for a local gym.

Photography Course AD

A splash screen for a photography video course. This was created as a teaser ad, to prepare for an upcoming course, additional screens were created for each lesson, in the same style.

Herbert Sherbert

Herbert Sherbert is a company that I have been doing graphic design and illustration work for. They are a sherbert company aiming for a fun and exciting brand for everyone.

Travel Badge

This is a badge created to commemorate traveling to all 7 continents. The final piece was etched onto a round leather patch.

Latte Art Design

This is a latte art design, created for a line of coffee lovers apparel.